Indices are a collection of stocks and instruments used to track the growth or trajectory of an industry or sector.
These whole-sector tools allow us to look at how a chunk of the market is performing to better understand investment opportunities along with market fluctuations.

The S&P 500 (USA), DAX 30 (Germany) and FTSE 100 (UK) are a collective of each country’s largest companies based on their market capitalisation. As an index tracks a basket of publicly traded stocks, by following the index, traders can understand the broad movements of the market and plan out their investment strategy accordingly.

Equity Indices spreads

Kitco Markets offer competitive spreads across all of our cash Indices, including the E-mini S&P 500 Index from 0.4 points, the FTSE 100 Index from 1 point, DAX 30 Index from 1 point and AUS 200 Index from 1 point.

Future Indices

In addition to Equity Indices, Kitco Markets also offers Futures Indices: ICE Dollar Index and VIX Index.
A stock index is a good indicative measure of market performance. Indices such as the FTSE 100 and DJIA Index are baskets of blue-chip stocks listed on the exchange and are generally a good measure of the current market sentiment. A change in the performance of any constituent stock in an index is reflected in a change in the overall value of that index.
Indices have the advantage of allowing traders to take a wider view of a basket of stocks rather than taking a view on one individual stock alone.