Myfxbook Auto Trading

Begin trading with confidence right from the start.

Kitco is here to offer you Myfxbook’s AutoTrading, which is an account mirroring service where you can copy trades from top successful FOREX trading systems by selecting them directly into your Kitco Markets MetaTrader4 account.   


With AutoTrade you do not have to pay any volume-based fees, or install any complex software, it is as easy as connecting your account to Myfxbook and selecting the system you would like to copy. The Myfxbook AutoTrade service is an online FX trade copying platform with over 90,000 FOREX traders.


What are the benefits of using Myfxbook AutoTrade account?

  • Delivering you relevant systems saving time searching.
  • Demo account holders cannot be signal providers. Only real accounts.
  • Accurate statistics bottomless unreal drawdowns are not shown.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • No volume-based incentives are offered.
  • You can add or remove a system at any time, giving you full control of your account.

How do I register for Myfxbook AutoTrade?

Open a new Myfxbook AutoTrade account in a few steps:
  • New Clients: Opening a new AutoTrade account is simple and only takes a few minutes. Simply click on the button below and follow the 3 easy steps.
  • Existing Clients: Log into your client portal and select ‘Open A New Live Account’. Once your account has been opened you will need to link this to Myfxbook AutoTrade. Select ….. ADD when we know the steps in the form! then click on ‘Submit’.

Connect your trading account to Myfxbook AutoTrade

You will need to connect your trading account to Myfxbook AutoTrade, to do this you will need to click on the button below and complete the form on the Myfxbook website.